Thursday, August 18, 2011


i did a list of blogs i love to read (that aren't included in my blogroll), but i have added some to the mix. and some are worthy of repeating. :) so here is the list of everyone i stalk. i suggest you do so as well, also...too

people i actually know:

lorean: Lorean and David are an awesome couple. I honestly adore them. David and I started the same day at SteelRoots. He married Lorean a couple of months later. I have known them for over 5 years (wow.) They have possibly one of the cutest children ever born. Honestly, Micah is adorable. I love her. You will love their little family.

matt and kara: Matt used to work here as well. He and his wife Kara are an awesome couple. They are now going through the process of adopting, and are very open and candid about everything. I love reading about their journey!

andrew and carissa: Andrew and Carissa are amazing. They are also going through the adoption process with their daughter in Africa. You can see updates and read the story (and watch their awesome video) on the blog ( Everything on their blog is sweet and lovely. you will enjoy it.

anna: i have known Anna since we were 15! We reconnected when I started working at SteelRoots and now she is a businesswoman/wife/mommy. her site is full of pretty things.

the colemans: Daniel and Mindy are probably the 2 sweetest people you will ever meet. No exaggeration. And now they are about to welcome little Isaac into the world. But there have been some surprises, concerns and unexpected news during Mindy's pregnancy. I will let her fill you in as you read (

people i have never met:

bleubirdvintage: (repeat.) I LOVE JAMES. honestly... wow. her style, her home, her kids... she is just awesome. I am always excited when I see her pop up in my bloglovin' morning scroll! I have such a girl-crush on her. For realz.

rachel: (repeat) sometimes i pretend i am Rachel’s real-life-friend. No joke. I know that is what i will wish for when i blow out the candles on my b-day cake. her family is darling. her style is fun and vintage. and her life is real. she is honest and open about day-to-day life. and she loves her husband so sweetly. So Rachel... if you need a new pal to hang out with from NC... call me.

joanna: this is a new one. I have fallen in love with Jo and her little life in NYC. her little boy is adorable, she has classic, yet fun and chic style, and is hilarious. she finds the most amazing things. her friday afternoon posts are my favorite, b/c they are stuffed with all of these random little links of fun and lovely things. i owe most of my pintrerest posts to her. :)

emma: i briefly mentioned Emma last time. I love her guys. She and her sister Elsie(she is next) run Red Velvet in MS. My friend Erin and I talked about taking a road trip to their shop. Anyway, Emma put easy and tasty recipes on her blog. and she had blue hair for a little while. true story.

elsie: (repeat)Emma's sister, designer, crafter, DIY-er... all of it. Elsie got married a few months ago joke... i was more excited about her wedding than i was the royal wedding. and she did not disappoint. all of the hand-made items, colors...everything was so sweet and pretty.

anderson family: Emily is hilarious. and amazing. she was the mom of 4 little, crazy cuties, and then she and her husband felt the Lord lay adoption on their hearts. so they did. they adopted Elsa from Ethiopia. And she is incredible. Now a mom of 5, she began writing about the adjustments. She was very transparent. Then... SURPRISE! Preggers with #6! I love her honesty. I love her love for the Lord, and for her family. She is awesome.

knox mccoy: i found knox through tyler stanton (i mentioned him last time read every friday for his weekly 6. best part of the day). I started reading Knox's blog b/c he gave hilarious re-caps of Bachelorette. Yup. no shame. and then he once said i was funny on tylers blog. and quoted me in a post. thus, i read his daily now. and comment every time. we are pretty much best friends. anyway, read Knox's blog. you won't be sorry. you might pee your pants laughing. you might.

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Knox McCoy said...


Bestest best friends forever. If you had a yearbook and I signed it, it would be such a long string of Bs and Fs that by the time you read it all, slap bracelets would be back in style.