Monday, August 1, 2011

book worm

i don't remember where we left off. so i will guess.

i finished The Hunger Games series. I cannot recommend these books enough. I read them all really quickly, they are easy, fun, suspenseful reads. ANNNND they are being made into movies. ANNNNND they are being filmed in NC! ANNNND i have thought about dropping by the set and offering my suggestions. maybe.

new reads:
I read this in 2 nights. It was lovely/happy/sad. I cried. It also is being made into a movie, and I actually have high hopes for it after seeing the preview. It looks like they might hit all of the major parts. When i watched the trailer before, i had no desire to see the movie or read the book... but i am glad i at least read it.

lovely book. i heard the movie is crap, but the book is really good. it is one of those tricky books, where you don't feel you can recommend it. ifyouknowwhatimean.
but i will just say that i greatly enjoyed it

i can't really explain this book. it is amazing, but not always a pleasant read. not that it's bad.
see, i can't explain it.
Basically, the entire book is told through the point of view of a 5 year old boy named Jack. And Jack lives in Room with his mom. he was born in that room, and it's all he knows. the book goes on to explain how he got there (its rough) and i don't want to say anymore. I recommend it. I really do. but understand that the first part of the book makes your heart ache at times.
There was one part that was so suspenseful, i had to put the book down, take a few deep breaths... my heart was racing. RACING. Read this book.
i read Water for Elephants and Room this weekend. They are both quick reads.

that is all i have read since last time. any suggestions?

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Charlotte Sandifer said...

i've read the book and loved it, but i have also seen the movie and on the contrary - i thought it was amazing. you should at least give it a try.