Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i can't even begin to describe last night. i really can't. but i will try.

originally my roommate Ashley and i were going to go to Dolly. Ashley appreciates her, but isn't even a quarter of nuts about her as I am. But she enjoys legendary concerts. so she was stoked.
about 2 weeks ago, she found out that our friend Misty was as crazy for Dolly as I am. She offered to sell Misty her ticket. She wanted Misty to have the same experience seeing her music idol, as she did when she saw Paul McCartney last year. Misty had the same reaction i did... grinning, shaking almost crying.

so yesterday, we loaded, did our makeup extra "fancy" (ie: cheap) and hit the road to Durham.

Dolly always says "it costs a lot of money to look this cheap". She even said it last night.

Misty's first Steak n Shake experience

we could barely sit still.
there she is.
 note about the above picture: she was not that far away at all. but our phones/cameras could not focus on her because her outfits were so sparkly. the reflection made her a blur. But let me say this: the dress she had on at this point would have been my dream when i was 8 years old. Misty agreed. Hot pink, covered in beads that only glittered when she moved. it was incredible.

we both agreed she looked like an angel here.

i have never made this face before. my head was about to explode.

afterwards, still crazy excited. we were praying the entire time that we would be able to meet her. no such luck

i now own this. Dolly beer coozie.

below are 2 videos. Like i said, could not focus on her because of the reflection from her glitter.
she sounds amazing. not weary or worn. still clear and lovely.
i was going to include the video from the start of the show... when it completely dark and you just hear her voice with no instruments. it was gorgeous. but Misty and i were FREAKING OUT. Screaming, jumping, shaking, laughing uncontrollably... it would not serve anyone to see that video. i was shaking my phone around like it was a tambourine. At least, that is what the video looks like. 

"i will always love you"
(about this... such a gorgeous song. this was for her encore. she said it was for all of us, helping make her dreams come true. and that she would always love us. I might have had tears in my eyes. I did. I really did)

Islands in the Stream...without Kenny Rogers. The guys who sang with her wasn't awesome. but she was perfection.

(turns's a true story. a woman tried to steal her husband. She said she "chased that red-headed hussie out of town!")

So... my dream came true. I saw my sweet Dolly in person. She is even more darling than I thought. She talked about Jesus non stop. then her trashy look, then flirting. She loves her fans with all her heart. I will never ever ever forget last night!

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Leaning said...

Kendra, I am *SO* happy that you got to see Dolly!! WOW!