Friday, August 26, 2011

the fit of joy

i posted this picture in my last post
that took place at Amelies (honestly, i talk about them so much, i should get them to sponsor me). I had a best friend date. Shaynah had been in Lake Tahoe with her family the week before, so i hadn't seen her for a while
Anty-ways, Michael crashed the date (typical) and afte a while of catching up, shay asked if i wanted to see a picture from the trip. I said "ok"

now, i have been to Lake Tahoe before. I never remember it ever looking like this. Not even when i forget to put in my contacts.

I'm going to be an aunt!
the plastic cup crushing was my response. I destroyed it. to the max. Like, by the time i was totally done with it, it was shredded.
And I have been over the moon about it for the weeks following! Kristie and I have been emailing hard-core about it. I'm going to throw Shaynah the most kick a$$ shower ever. Even non-alcoholic beer for her.

The down side is she won't be able to party quite as hard as me and Ashley in Vegas. Lame.
but yes... happy day!

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