Monday, August 29, 2011

i dare you not to move

(i had a better version up this morning, but youitube took it down. so this is as good as it gets right now)

My girl Bey last night at the VMA's. I am sure you already heard by now... but wait till the end. Jay's response makes my heart swell in joy. Ashley and I were both talking about how we feel like we know them.  I adore them both!!

Anyway, other things that happened this weekend...
i bought shoes for my vegas trip. You gotta understand, i was stressing. I wanted ones that were hot, yet comfy. i think i made that happen

right? so pretty. super tall, but they are surprisingly comfortable. And red. So very red.
the issue is that later that night, Ashley and I went shopping to find her shoes. She found some awesome ones...
and then i saw these...

yeah. just look for a while. I will give you a moment.
here is the kicker... ready? They were marked down to $34. Right? Hold on, I am not done. They were 30% off that. Yup.
So I tried them on.
Yeaaaah. but they hurt like crap. and i would never wear them in my life. So i walked away. Shaynah sent me threatening texts buying them, telling me i HAD to. She even told me that the baby wants me to get them. But i stayed strong.

That night Ashley and I also tried Paco's Tacos. Holy crap. Amazing. So so so so good.
 true story: While we were waiting outside to be seated, a guy, who was also waiting with his friend, walked over to us. It took me a moment to realize he was saying "ladies, ladies, laaaaydeees..." and he came over. He smelled very cigarette-y and beer-y. He leaned in (very close talker) and said "Ladies, my friend and I are headed over to Wild Wings, want to join us?".
"uhh... no thanks. We are pretty excited about these tacos."
"Wild Wings has tacos!" (false)
"Yeah, but I'm pretty stoked about Paco's tacos."
so he left. To go to Wild Wings. for "tacos"

LASTLY (and most importantly)
one of my dear dear dear friend's David (I have talked about him and his wife and daughter a lot recently) is finally selling some of his illustrations. These are sketches that he does when he is bored. And they are amazing.
Anyway, head over and take a peek with your eyeballs. 
He is adding more soon, but I already adore the stuff he has up there... like this
 if you don't see one you like, you can buy me one. Or one of the monster ones for Shaynah. He is so crazy good.

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