Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am still on my Dolly-high. BUT, I am quite excited b/c my all time favorite musician is about to release a new album. And as an early birthday present to me (yes, he planned it that way) Ryan Adams has released one of his singles from the new album. My goodness it is good. So good. click here to hear the song
I almost saw him twice. Both times it fell through (once b/c a wedding i was in was the same day, and the other sold out) then he announced he was retiring. Yeah. At the age of 32. But now he has back, and announced he is TOURING... in California. COME ON RYAN! THROW ME A BONE!

anyway, here is what has been going on

Did you know that Ryan Adams made one of his most amazing albums when he was 29? It's called... 29.
anyway, on august 5th chick-fil-a decided to remind me that i only had 1 month left at 29. It's mocking me

we threw a surprise party for our friend Josh. I know i have said it before, but my work friends aren't just "work friends". They are my dear dear dear friends, that i have the privilege of seeing 5 days a week. I love them so much!

Erinc, Dan, Josh and Neal
Blake playing "blood bank" on Micah's baby piano (see video in yesterday's post)

David and b-day boy Josh (holding a picture of themselves)

David (pictured above) has possibly one of the cutest children on earth. his little girl Micah is about 10 months old, and we all adore her. we love with Lorean brings her into work! (i mentioned them in the blog list). Ashley and I had the privilege of watching Micah the other night. it was the most fun.
micah adding some music to the party
 Micah's dad again, pretending to yell "closed set". but it wasn't, considering we were all eating lunch.

FIT OF EXCITEMENT more on this later... :)

My old roommate Renae got married! To my dear friend Thomas! The wedding was up in the mountains, about 3 1/2 hours away. You know what that means... ROAD TRIP!
Lissa packed a lunch and ate it at Sonic

Ian wearing all of Lissa's necklaces

Renae and Thomas!

Ava loved the cupcake
once we drove home from the wedding, i hopped in my car and drove straight to Ed's Tavern to watch the Panther's beat the giants! Since everyone else bailed on us, it was just me and Dan. We made it awesome!
our waitress kept telling us how awesome we were. She said we were the perfect customers, laid back, having fun. So when she brought us our checks, this is what it said.

I started cross-stitching like a mad-woman. lots of late baby gifts and birthday gifts

for sam

for micah

for Josh
 my friend Blake and I like texting with emoticons instead of words. he used one that made no sense. This was the conversation that followed (i won with "laser disc"... remember those?)

Like i said, sweet Micah came over! Dan came over to watch the Panther's game (he doesn't have a TV) and "helped" us watch her. She is honestly the perfect baby. Super cheerful, even when she is so tired. She just played and laughed, kissed and high-fived us all night.

she was "nodding"... but really dancing
 I plopped Micah on Dan's lap (he had never held a baby.) and at first they just kind of stared each other down, not really sure what to make of the other. then Micah put her blanket on her head (that is her "silly" move) clearly trying to make Dan laugh. it worked. They both loved each other from that moment. David was super excited (he likes when his friends bond with his baby)

Um... did you know that if you order a Chick-fil-a kids meal, and give the toy back, you get free ice cream? truth. I am all over that now. especially since the cone says "eat it all". yes sir. 

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