Friday, August 12, 2011

what happens here

stays here
as i have said before... i am turning 30 in sept. shaynah was originally talking about having a big birthday party for me. she was talking about this back in the spring when she and michael moved into the cutest house ever.
but then i was watching a show (that may or may not have been keeping up with the kardashians. i'll never tell... but it was) and saw that someone (kim) had their 30th in...VEGAS!
now, i have been to vegas a few times. i don't hate it. i know you can have good, clean fun. its an experience. i am not the girl who ever plans on doing that kind of thing. i am more of a "lets go to the beach" or "lets have a cookout" type girl. but shaynah said "go big!".

so, on sept 2, we are flying to las vegas with my roommate ashley.

my uncle hooked us up with a free suite at the polo towers (rooftop pool and cabanas!)

and we have our list of free/cheap things to do... since that is how shaynah and i roll on every trip.

the airfare made me say "ay carumba" ala Bart Simpson, but i had some sweet friends and family who contributed. and i am overwhelmed and blessed by that!

we leave on sept 2nd. the girls have never been, so i am excited for them to experience it for the first time. there is nothing quite like driving through the desert and POW...there are the lights of vegas.
we found out we can see the lions of MGM, tigers, no bears, get lessons on some games, ride the gondola at the venetian, all for free!

now... i know what you are thinking.
i get the joke. i am not really THAT girl. i hate that girl. the one that is in vegas in her trashy dress, with a tiara on her head, drunk and "wooo"ing at everything. we are not going to any clubs. we aren't going to any shows. i will probably be making fun of "that" girl the entire time. i plan on being anti-that girl.

anyway... this should be fun. i am excited. it will be a wonderful distraction to the age that will be falling upon me.

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Shaynah Jerrell said...

but you might have to wear a tiara