Monday, September 19, 2011


i am thinking about doing a Monday feature. But i don't think i have enough readers. There are like 2 of you. I am pretty sure.
but i might do it for me.
Anyway, I will post a few things that put a pep in my step, cheer me up, or just plain make Monday's more bearable.
How does that sound?
here we go

internet high five. Brilliant

fun notebook

Tom Hanks posing with Woody. I love this

 do you watch Friday night Lights? Of course you don't. Most people don't. Here is a "best of" clip of coach Taylor, played by Kyle chandler. He won an Emmy last night for this character. This is probably one of  THE BEST shows on TV. I have all 5 seasons on DVD and i would be HAPPY to let you borrow them. It isn't just about football. TRUST me.

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Anonymous said...

K- I am a faithful blog reader. :)