Thursday, September 1, 2011

the niblocks

see this handsome couple?
do you know who they are?

nope... not my parents. these are my grandparents. aren't they so youthful and fun-loving looking? this is Judy and Glenn Niblock. They are awesome. they eloped when they were 17. now, i frown upon those things, but for them... totally hilarious and awesome. they had my mom at 18, and became grandparents to me at 40.
Anyway, i want to talk to you about Glenn Niblock. He is a tough guy. Had a motorcycle when his kids were toddlers. Worked in the space program. Learned to fly a plane in his 40s/50s. Tough guy. Took me to the dump on Saturday's because i loved it. TOUGH. GUY
This big tough guy has one soft spot though. And it is a song. When I was wee little, mom and I lived with g'ma and g'pa for a while. Grandpa would drive me to preschool. There was a certain movie that was out at that time. And a certain song from that movie played on the radio non-stop. And I would sing it at THE TOP OF MY LUNGS in the car whenever it came on. Like, not in a kid way. I would try to sing it for real. Like i was on stage in a floor length sequined dress.
Years later Grandpa told mom that when it comes on the radio, he gets teary eyed thinking about it.
Right? how cute... right?
anyway... i know the suspense is killing you
here is the song that can bring hard core manly man Glenn Niblock to tears...


Anonymous said...

I can't listen to the song right now because I am at school. But without hearing it, I know our Grandpa is awesome! It made me smile to see him on your blog this morning. :)

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