Thursday, September 8, 2011

style icons

between the changing of the seasons, and having a milestone b-day, I have been thinking a lot about my personal style (as well as real, substantial thoughts...i promise)
I have been itching to try something somewhat new with my hair as well.
AND listening to French music.
the combination of all of those factors have led me to decide that Francoise Hardy and Charlotte Gainsbourg are my current style icons.

First Francoise...
she is a French singer/actress who was big in the 60's. And she is gorgeous. Even today, in her late 60's she is still stunning.

I should wear more stripes. And have bangs.
but mostly, i have decided to wear liquid eyeliner at least once a week. I have gotten a lot better at it, making it a lot more subtle, and less Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. :) today, for example, i am wearing a striped dress and liquid eyeliner. Unfortunately, my hair was a hot mess, so it's in a pony-tail. I am less Francoise, and more gigi or sabrina before their makeovers. oh well.

next, Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Oh my word, I adore her. I want to be her when I grow up. She is the daughter of famous (and controversial) french singer Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin (whom the Hermes "Birkin Bag" is named after)
She is a french/english singer and actress.

Charlotte is not your typical beauty. Not the good ol' American girl next door look. Her messy hair is my all time favorite though

i guess i just need bangs. and i'll be good

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