Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what happens here doesn't stay here

here is a little peek of our trip. I adore the Bellagio fountians. In the evenings, they go off every 15 minutes. I could had stayed there for hours. 
At one point, after we had stayed at the fountains for 2 shows, we were walking in the Bellagio and I could see them through the window. I stopped and watched again. They are like fireworks... but water. (see how smart and eloquent I am now that I am 30?)
This was from my b-day eve (we rested during the day, and celebrated that night.)
anyway, here is a short clip of the fountains and my all time Frank Sinatra song "fly me to the moon"
this was the first, longer video. we took it from the bridge. No music, but wow it's awesome. To the point where i say (in my best man-voice) "that's awesome" and shaynah replies "yah". that is us being excited when it is 11:30pm PST, but feels like 2:30 am (EST)

"Paris", where we had my bday dinner

a little bit of NY, NY and the MGM

the Strip
bday dessert at the Sugar Factory in front of the Bellagio
more to come later... including the funniest moment of the entire trip