Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 familes

i was wrong. there are 19 of you who read regularly. 7 via bloglovin' (who are you? tell me!) and 12 via blogger subscription. and the random people that google search "diet coke blog".Thank you!

i am asking for you to pray for 2 sweet families today

1) the Gallo's. I have posted about Andrew and Carissa before. They are adopting a sweet girl from Uganda. Tomorrow afternoon (their time... very very early morning on Friday our time) they are going before the judge in Uganda about bringing Rinah home. Carissa has 2 prayer requests. that the judge would show, and that it would be favorable. You can read about it here

2) the Coleman's. Mindy and Daniel's sweet Isaac is here! He had 2 surgeries yesterday. Mindy just updated her blog on whats going on. Please pray for this little trooper to continue to heal and grow strong! Read about it here


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