Monday, October 24, 2011

blue monday

it's not actually blue. it is quite nice.
1) the panthers won. say word
2) these made me laugh
3) i got my iphone 4S. Which means i have Siri. I switched Siri to UK mode, so that the voice is male with a slight British accent. He is quite charming and a bit snarky. I like asking him absurd questions. I tell him about twice a day that I love him. Here are some of his responses (also, i changed my name to "Gorgeous" that is what he calls me. Good boost in the morning)

4) I love twitter. It is so much better than facebook. One of my favorite things about twitter is so many of your favorite celebs/athletes/singers/ writers are accessible. It's the only way i can communicate with Panthers, Ryan Adams, Pioneer Woman... and they have to get verified, so that you know it isn't just some jerk with too much free time.
yesterday i tweeted one of my all time favorites, Ginnifer Goodwin. She is so lovely. Anyway, she plays Snow White in the new ABC show Happily Ever After. She was so wonderful in it, i tweeted her. she replied.

so, i guess we are best friends now. i once saw this lovely picture of her... and decided we would become cross-stitch friends

hope you had a delightful weekend!

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