Monday, October 3, 2011

monday is no-fun day

here are some things i like today

first, roommate Dawn made the easiest fudge ever. i stopped eating fudge for years after unfortunate timing of a stomach bug after eating a large amount of fudge, this the stuff she made cured me of my queasiness!
all she did was take a bag of semi-sweet choc chips, bag of butterscotch chips (normally i hate these) and a container of condensed milk, melted the chips into the milk and voila! it's amazing. The butterscotch tastes more like hazelnut. so it's kind of like nutella fudge!

a blogger that i love is also doing a wardrobe help. She is a young momma of 3, and is calling it "No Brainer Wardrobe"... check it out

a candle that smells like the NY Times

3 guys living in Ikea

one more... this looks amazing. I almost cried.

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