Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the unknown date

my friend Kristen did a funny post last week about a disaster date. (part 1, part 2) it's bad. so so so bad. I felt horrible for laughing.

anyway, earlier last week we were talking about bad dates at work. and some of those were horrible (a friend of mine with a shell fish allergy making his date leave after 2 bites b/c his taco had shrimp in it, and he needed some benadryl from his car. they didn't pay for dinner. and she had to drive him home.)
i told them my best story: the date that wasn't. Or the unknown date. And then after seeing Kristen's post, i decided i would copy her.

When i was 19 i was working at a christian bookstore. Everyone i worked with was college age and we all had lots of fun together. One of the guys was really sweet and nice. I heard rumor that he was into me, but i didn't assume it was true. I never do. and i wasn't into him at all. In fact, i had a huge crush on his roommate. I always offered to call him in if we were short staffed, hoping his roommate would answer the phone.

One day, as we were all closing up the store, he came up to me and said "hey, some people are meeting at Jackson's after work... wanna go?" (Jackson's was a coffee shop). I loved it there, i loved coffee, and i loved all my co-workers, AND, i was hoping his roommate would show up so i said yes. He didn't have to close, so he left to "get a table for everyone". I asked one girl if she was going and she gave me a blank look. But she often gave blank looks, so i didn't think anything of it.

As we all locked up and walked out, I yelled to my friend's Laney and Jamie "see you there!". Now, hindsight is 20/20. If i knew then what i know now, I would have taken note of the fact that Jamie (who happens to be a girl, and was engaged to Laney, who happens to be a guy) give me a quizzical look, and start to yell back some sort of question. I also would have noticed at that exact moment, Laney was shushing her and whispering something (he was the guy's best friend). but i didn't notice how odd all of that was. I just happily got in my car, still wearing my burgundy LifeWay polo and khakis.

When i pulled up, i put on fresh lipgloss (still holding onto hope that roommate was there) and skipped into Jacksons. There was the guy, sitting at a table. a small table. a table with just one other chair. and he had changed clothes. he stood up, and i looked around (still not picking up on what was happening). He gave me a super awkward hug and said he would buy my drink. At that moment, it hit me. No one else was coming.

as we sat there making small talk, my 19 year old self started to panic. I did not like him. I didn't want to be there. I didn't want him to say anything that I would have to shoot down. So in the middle of small talk, I decided to talk about a book i had just read. Boy Meets Girl. All he knew about Josh Harris was that he hates dating. So i let him think that. As i went on and on and on about how great this book was, how Josh was a pastor at our sister church... i saw his face change. Right there, Josh had rescued me. He had saved the day. (thanks Josh!)  The guy quickly said "well, it's late (it had been 15 minutes) and I have an early class so... cool. This was fun." and made a beeline out of there. I sat at the table, sipping my drink, mentally patting myself on the back.

the only downfall of all of that, was that the roommate now steered clear of me. blast.

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