Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last night i checked my twitter feed on my iphone, and saw the news of Steve Jobs' death. First i was shocked. I checked CNN's app to see if it was true, or all a prank. I went back to twitter and saw about 50 new posts in that 2 minutes of people expressing grief and shock. I sent my own post. I checked instagram and saw pictures people were taking of the news coverage, and even an awesome tribute graphic by one designer friend of mine.
Pretty much within 5 minutes, we all found out and expressed our condolences for Steve Jobs death. One tweet said "without Steve, i would not have learned of his death". it was due to his amazing product that i learned of his death withing minutes of it being announced. without that, i probably wouldn't have known until this morning when i put on the news while getting ready for work, or on the radio during my drive in.

I am very surprised by how sad I am. I don't know if Steve came to know the Lord in his last days. But I do know that I am forever grateful for this man. Because of him, I am able to learn about news quickly, look at my phone to make sure i don't get lost when I am traveling somewhere new, check my account balance, turn people into unicorns, listen to any song, where ever i am, take pictures of something unexpected, buy someone's birthday b-day gift online while i'm in line at the DMV, play scrabble with someone 3,000 miles away, read any book wherever i am, find out "what the crap is this song?" from anywhere... and last night i was able to see pictures of Kingston Campbell, who was born that afternoon. And this morning I was able to see pictures of Rinah from Uganda as her parents go to court, hoping to bring her home and finalize her adoption.
So thank you Mr. Jobs. You were our Willy Wonka, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison...all rolled into one. We never met, but I am forever grateful for all you have done. You will be missed.

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