Monday, November 7, 2011

lost at work

i have been praying for wisdom about my job. it's a good job. i'm surprisingly good at it. i just really don't like what i am doing right now. i like working for this company, and with these people. i am waiting for my old boss here to call me back for a position that might be re-opening. he wants me back, which feels awesome. but currently, i have to sit tight and wait.
i want to do something that i at least enjoy a little. work is work. i am not expecting it to feel like disneyland.

today, while reading one of my favorite blogs, i saw this quote from another blogger, talking about emailing this to her friend who was in a similar predicament:

For those of you who hate your jobs but haven’t taken action yet…

Here is something I wrote to a friend in a similar situation recently (hopefully it strikes home with you too):

I know that the job thing has been bothering you for a while. I feel like in a way you are pregnant with the idea that you need to do something else, but the definition of what that is is still hazy enough to stay inside you. Once you find it deep in your soul nothing will stop you from giving birth to it – be it a business(es), new job, whatever. Right now you are just in that third trimester of uncomfortableness – but that’s a good thing! It makes the giving birth part a whole lot easier because you are so unhappy and “fat” with the possibility that there is something new around the corner. Give it time, eventually life, God, and your next step will come from within you so strongly that you’ll be in labor before you know it and never look back! You can’t stuff a baby back inside once it wants to come out.

so encouraging. really really. really.

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