Friday, November 25, 2011


that's a how i met your mother joke. they call it slapsgiving. you'd have to watch the show to get it.

a lot of people so "thankful" posts. i always think the idea is cheese, until i read them
so here is mine. now, you already know the 3 big ones: my salvation, my family, my friends.
so i am going to think of smaller ones that aren't normally shown the love they deserve.

ikea scented candles (the blue and green striped ones): these babies are only $4 and smell amazing. They last forever too. I don't have the money to throw down $18 for a candle at Anthropologie. These do the job JUST fine thank you

spotify: i am able to listen to any song at any time without having to listen to other "similar" songs to get to it. I quit you Pandora

bagels and cream cheese: this is probably one of my all time favorite things to eat. Starting my day off with a bagel means a good day

Mornings and Evenings: even when i am slacking at reading, i can pick it up at any point and feel so encouraged. And they are all so perfectly timed.

Social networking: i know it sounds lame, but it has helped me keep in touch with so many friends, and even make new ones. ANNNNNND the Toms giveaway i posted about? yea, people went NUTS. Knox and i thought maybe we'd raise a few hundred dollars at the end of the week. Well, as of last night we broke $4k. And there are still 4 more days. WHAT? amazing. Word has gone all over the place. We even got some random "celebs" to tweet about it (Jonathan Stewart of the Panthers, a few cast members of Bachelor and Bachelorette... i know... and Angie Harmon. If you don't know who she is, i pity you. When i saw she re-tweeted me, the Law and Order fan in me almost passed out). Social Networking is the biggest time sucker in my life, but it is also a blessing.

cigars: dude. I love cigars. everything about them. and sometimes after smoking one, i like the way it smells on my clothes the next morning. Last Christmas after i got home to my empty house and it started snowing, i sat on my back steps smoking a cigar with christmas music playing. it was amazing.

talented friends: i know that sounds weird, but i am friends with some incredibly creative people. It's awesome to see them be honored, acknowledged and celebrated. My friend Eric did the album art for John Mark McMillian, so the day his album came out, we saw Eric's work on itunes! it was crazy. My friends Jon, Jacob, Nathaniel, David and Blake have all done film work for different musicians and projects. I get to excited when I can see their stuff. My friend David's work is being sold now. I have found out that other friends of mine who don't know him are fans. So great!

babies: they are just awesome

friends that humor me: you know i like unicorns. at first it was a joke, then i remembered how as a kid i thought they were so rad... and i guess that never went away. So many of my friends send me pictures, tiny gifts or even songs about unicorns. Its a sweet way to know the are thinking of me. in fact, my friend Seth (back to talented friends) has a series of paintings called "plaid". I suggested forever ago that he make a "unicorn plaid"... and he did! For me! I have only seen pictures of it, but i cannot wait to bring it home from MD.

Mickey Connolly: CrossWay has gone through a tough season. Mickey, our senior pastor has led with  grace, humility and love for each and every one of us. I am so grateful to call him pastor, and friend.

Baby Jerrell: i know i said babies already, but Shaynah's baby is in a league of his own. i love him the best, even though he isn't here yet. His first present from me came in the mail today, and i am over the moon. I love this little peanut already so much

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Shauna Meryn Wickham said...

If you want to find joy spend 5 minutes with a child! :)