Tuesday, November 15, 2011

whale watching

My childhood was spent in San Diego. Mom and I had season passes to Sea World. I like Sea World more than DisneyLand. It is that awesome. my favorite was the Shamu show. I just loved watching how powerful, but sweet these creatures were. I had a healthy fear of them, but all I wanted to do was pet him. When baby Shamu was born, we came every night and I would run to the same spot after the show and wait for her. She would swim by and I would watch this baby that was bigger than our car spin and play. I loved her. When we came back about 12 years later I ran to my same spot, seeing her now swim as an adult, the new star of the Shamu show. She was gorgeous.

When i was about 7, mom took me whale watching. She knew how much i loved whales and thought this would be an amazing treat. here is what I remember from the trip: inside the boat they had a little dance floor and I did some of my ballet moves and hit my head on the railing. Mom bought me hot chocolate. Then we stood out in the cold and I saw a whales tail. The end.
the trip was somewhat wasted on me. I had been inches away from killer whales dozen of times. Seeing one far away meant nothing to me. but the hot chocolate was good. and my head still hurt.

I hate that I didn't love and embrace what I was really seeing. If i went today, I would be in awe of the whales in their own home. Watching them swim, jump, seeing the spray as they came up for air.
I would LOVE to go back. I need to go as an adult, to fully soak in what was happening around me.

I think of how many times I take for granted what the Lord is doing in my life. I don't grasp the beauty of it. My childlike mind focuses on the silly, meaningless part... like the hot chocolate. Instead of really taking in what is happening around me. This season has been full of amazing wonders from the Lord. Mindy and Daniel might be able to bring Isaac home this week. Andrew and Carissa and finally bring their sweet girl home on Thursday. Many babies have been born this past month. But I am failing to grasp that. Instead I am having such a small view of God. I am looking at that hot chocolate, or focusing on the negative of the bumped head.
This week I am praying for a bigger view and grasp of the Lord moving.

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