Saturday, December 3, 2011

mariah vs justin

do you know what this is? it is one of the best Christmas songs ever. It is the most fun. I remember that i wore this tape out the Christmas it came out. Now Mariah is older. She isn't the fresh faced young girl anymore. So the Biebs decided to give the song a shot. With Mariah. I don't know what to say. The video is HILARIOUS. basically, it is a 4 minutes long Macy's commercial but here is the thing. Mariah is trying to be a sessssssssy and flirty with Justin...WHO IS 17!!!!!!! Calm down momma. And then, she does nothing the whole video except lean against a wall. It must be a very unstable wall if she has to spend 4 minutes leaning against it to keep it up. But thankfully, she is so strong and talented, she is able to still wiggle her butt and bend over to show us her tata's WHILE saving the entire store from the potential of a wall-falling-disaster. Oh, she rings a bell. And "helps" distribute the presents by THROWING them. Justin says "here person i don't know, let me hand you this gift" and Mariah says "fetch." at least before she did things like decorate the tree, sled, throw snow...WALK. so yea. just watch. Its is probably the best thing i have seen in a long time. PS- Justin is prettier than me.

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