Wednesday, December 28, 2011

these days

i really love Nico's song "these days". I love all of Nico's songs. But this one is special.

whenever i hear it, i imagine having my own record store.
I have wanted my own record store since i first saw "High Fidelity"
(look out! language)
today i day dreamed for a while about it.
It would be small. Tons of used albums. Mostly music I love (with other random stuff... unless it's crap.). I would finally have a place to put all those posters I have from different albums (i'm talking to you, life size Morrissey poster...)
But often I will day dream about helping different people. Giving a guy suggestions of what to buy his new girlfriend (Ricky Nelson and/or Charlotte Gainsbourg), helping people build their collection, chatting with the regulars, like Bruce...letting Bruce know when we get more Jim Croce in (i don't know who Bruce is, but i think he'd love Croce. And have a gray ponytail. And write for the Observer).
Who knows. Maybe one day I will be the cool, badass girl working in the record shop. The one who's approval you crave when you go to make your purchase. Just a simple head nod or "nice" to let you know i respect your purchase (not that I am working off experience here... guy at Lunchbox Records. One day I will get the nod. One day.)

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