Monday, January 16, 2012

ben and pancakes

as you have learned before, i have a dirty secret...
I love the Bachelor franchise. I hate it at the same time. I hate that I love it.
thankfully, i have found more friends who love it. i don't want to throw them under the bus right now, but I will say that 50% of our conversations are about the show. and they come to my house to watch it.
and that has become the happiest new tradition: Pancake Monday.

when these people show up 30 minutes before the show, i whip up pancakes (they bring bacon and toppings) and some french press, and we sit and laugh and scream and gasp.
also, i have a texting party with different friends who either can't come over, or live out of state. I read their hilarious comments out loud.

but, i still recommend you read Knox McCoy's re-cap. If you watch the show or not... they are hilarious. if you remember, Knox is the one who held the Toms giveaway for Mindy and Daniel Coleman. His Bachelor re-cap is the highlight of my Tuesday.

Let me say... i don't like Ben, the bachelor very much. He is kinda boring and weird and looks a little like a Geico caveman.

well, I want to give my predictions of my top 4 girls all the way to the winner. Lets see how off I am:

Courtney- She is a model, gorgeous and MEAN! Like, nasty mean to all the other girls. But Ben seems enchanted by her. Maybe it's her eyebrows. I think they have put a spell on him. Like Ursala from Little Mermaid. Her eyebrows are like the shell that Ursala wore around her neck that kept Prince Eric in a trance.

Kacie- really sweet, really southern, really boring. Their first date she twirled a baton. she "bought" one (whatevs. the producers did. as if these girls carry cash on them during the show.). So the entire date they walked around this little town and she was twirling a baton. yeaaaaaaaaa. good thing she is perky.

Lindzi: Yup, that is how her name is spelled. I actually really like her. She showed up on a horse. it was pretty cute. and she is pretty funny. I kinda hope she wins.

Nicki- we have seen like 3 minutes of her, but she is really cute, has class and doesn't seem nearly as boring as Kacie. And she isn't mean like Courtney. She is like the baby bear in Goldilocks...just right. Unless we find out some weird big secret of hers... like she is really a man (DUDE... how funny would that be. I hope the producers do that one year) I like her. Oh, and she is from NC!

anyway, in the end i think it is going to be Kacie and Courtney. And I think he will pick Kacie. Ben was just in Jimmy Kimmel, and they talked about watching the season now (he has already finished filming) and seeing how NUTS some of the girls are.
For example:

Jenna... she has awesome hair... but she is NUTS. She wept the first night because another girl said she didn't feel a connection with Ben yet, because they hadn't even spoken at that point. Jenna cried and told her that if she wasn't in love with him, maybe she should just go. Whaaaaaat? then last week she ran off and cried in a bed because she tried to tell Ben she wasn't like other girls... that she was like a guy (what? WHAT? maybe my wish of a dude on the show came true!) and he just said "um ok". So she ran into a bedroom, crawled into a bed and sobbed. Since he isn't as stupid as most cavemen, he sent her home pretty fast. Oh, she also told the first girl she cried at that maybe they could "share a tampon"... um. I'm sorry... what?

Blakeley- i wanted to like Blakeley. She is from Charlotte! But her occupation was listed as "VIP Cocktail Waitress". We all know what that means. Girl is intense. She is on the prowl. Maneater. She kinda hides in random places (i am not making this up) and when sees Ben talking to someone else, jumps out to talk to him and steal him away. Oh, and also wore this when they had a group date where they were supposed to act out a play written by kids, while hanging out with said kids. the young boys got the joke, and asked her and her fake boobs to pretend to jog in slow motion. i am not kidding. a kid said that. it was hilarious/brilliant

so, the show has been funny so far. We will see if I am correct or not.


nikaela marie said...

I also hide the fact that i watch it. i am admitting it to only you. (and on the www) :)

i laugh sooooo hard.
courtney is scaaaaaarrrreyy!

happy pancake day.

nikaela marie said...

ps. i like ben. he is weird. he reminds me of zach braff? he does look like a cave man a bit though. :):)

Ethaney said...

i just started following your blog through andrew and carissa, and you had me laughing so hard at this post!!! i love your sense of humor. cheers.