Wednesday, January 25, 2012

concert bucket list

the last 2 years i went to major dream concerts. ones that i never thought i would've been able to go to.
in 2010 i saw Bob Dylan. Holy crap was that a dream come true!
in 2011 i saw Dolly Parton. I still get giddy when thinking about it.

normally i only think to look up tours of current bands that i am into: Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Ryan Adams...
but i am trying to look at people that i have loved for ages as well
Thankfully Ashley came to the rescue and saw that Bruce Springsteen would be playing nearby.
That is another dream concert that I never really thought of. So we are going. Well, we are buying tickets. It happens to be the same week that my nephew Aiden is due. So i might be selling that puppy last minute.
That would mean seeing 3 music legends in 3 years.
it got me thinking of other concerts that i want to see. bucket list concerts

1) Ryan Adams. Honestly, if i see him, i would probably be content with never seeing anyone else ever again. he has been my total and complete favorite for the past 6 years. And 3 times i have tried to see him, and 3 times i wasn't able to. Ryan isn't big on touring, and refuses to come back to his home state of NC. He is one that I am willing to travel far for. I tried to see him in VA, GA and MD. I would even be willing to plan a NYC trip around him. But one day, I will see him in concert. And I will probably cry a bit. (listen to the song that i linked.)

2) Madonna. I know this sounds silly, but I LOVE 80s Madonna. I don't like anything made in the past 15 years, but everything else is amazing. I still get goosebumps when the choir comes in during "Like a Prayer", even though she makes out with Black Jesus in the video

3) David Bowie. Never going to happen. But holy moly it would be amazing

4) Morrissey. Not happening again. But wow. He randomly will sing in little clubs in LA from time to time. never advertised. Just happens. How awesome would that be?

5) Nick Drake. But he is dead

6) Johnny Cash. Ditto

7) Rogue Wave. I've heard that they aren't amazing in concert. But man I would love to see them

8) Tallest Man on Earth. He is just touring in Europe right now. Ryan is the only one i travel for

9) Lyle Lovett. So awesome. I almost saw him in Charlotte a year ago, but I think i had to go to a wedding that night.

who would you see, if you could see anyone in concert. Who is on your concert bucket list dead or alive?


Ethaney said...

i saw morrissey in concert a couple years ago with my brother. he sounds so fantastic live but his set was so short! that was my only complaint. it was literally only like 40 minutes at most. i heard his LA shows are a lot better though but he just has no love for the san francisco area. bummer.

Rebecca Jane said...

We're going to see Springsteen too! I'm so excited. Ummmm Tallest Man on Earth, Beirut, Wilco, M Ward, Josh Ritter, Beyonce (okay, maybe not), and Vampire Weekend are all on my concert bucket list. Well, at least those are the ones still alive. PS You should put The Avett Brothers on your list. I honestly like their songs better live. And I'm pretty much friends with them now so...