Monday, January 9, 2012


a while back i listed my goals until my next birthday.
one of them was "make and effort" and i have been doing better. I've been better at picking out clothes for work, not just cycling through 5 outfits ("this is my Monday outfit...")
i got bangs around Christmas to mix up my hairstyle a bit. i've been growing out my hair for like 2 years, and it's not pretty darn long. So i had to make sure it wasn't just Crystal Gale long.
there other small things i have been doing as well, and one of them i mentioned a while back, but never followed up on. sorry 'bout that.
1) wearing moisturizer. I am terrible at this. I got some night-time stuff a while back, to combat aging skin, and it has been wonderful. But now I am making sure to wear it during the day, with a little SPF. It's been wonderful for the winter (though it's been the most gloriously warm winter in ages)

2) take my "pretty vitamin". I just started taking "Hair Face Nails". Its awesome. Its a vitamin that helps with hair growth and strength (my hair has seemed shinier...i think. it's only been 2 weeks), help strengthen nails (mine are super weak and thin, so i keep polish on them constantly to give them a little reinforcement) and keep my skin pretty and glowing. I highly recommend it. I got mine at Vitacost for $5! (let me know if you want to use Vitacost, and I can email you a $10 off coupon!)
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3) i don't wash my hair much. it sounds so gross, but it's true. Over a year ago I told you all that I was going to start using a more natural shampoo. I said I'd let you know how it turned out. Sorry it took me so long to do that. But here you go.
I only wash my hair like twice a week. If  even that. Pretty much every 3-4 days. Here is the thing, since putting more space between washings, my hair has looked better, isn't as dry or frizzy, and just overall healthier. I didn't think i could ever be one of those girls. My hair was too fine (though i have tons of it) and got really greasy. I thought it was an urban myth too...that if you wash your hair less, it becomes less greasy. But I bought some dry shampoo, bought the natural shampoo and conditioner (though it was pricier) and went for it. At first I was every other day. When my hair would get a little greasy, I'd spray the dry shampoo on the roots in the spots that needed it. After a while, i was able to slip another day in there. Now, even at the end of day 3, my hair is totally ok. If i am feeling extra adventurous, i slip in day 4.

The natural shampoo/conditioner is key here. If you are just using Herbal Essance or Pantene, it won't work. They have all sorts of things in them that strips your hair of it's natural oils, so your hair works over time to re-produce them. That is why everything gets greasy. And i don't put shampoo through my entire hair. I just lather it at the scalp, and it washes everything else out when you rinse it. Also, the conditioner is important. You don't want your hair to feel slimy and slippery, which most condtioners do. And I don't put it in my roots, ever. I just grab my hair at the nape of my neck and work the conditioner down to the tips.

I know you are thinking "natural shampoos are SO much more expensive!". They are. A bottle of normal shampoo can be $2-3 at Target, and Yes to Carrots is like $10. BUT, since I started to wash my hair less frequently, it's taken me MUCH longer to go through the shampoo. And I use less conditioner. Which means, in the end, I've ended up saving money (it took me over a year to go through the bottle of conditioner. Normally i go through one in a couple of months). And since my hair is healthier, i don't need as many products for it, so i save money there. I don't need smoothing or de-frizz products anymore.
I did the math. Before I'd spend about $36-48 a year on shampoo and condtioner (and that is pricing them at $3 a bottle... which is very conserative. Usually shampoo is more than that.). Last year I spent $20. Mid year i had to get new bottles of both, but it took about a year to go through the previous ones. So I end up saving, at the very least, $16 a year. but really more than that. Oh, and you don't need to cut your hair as much, because you have fewer split ends. So you save on hair cuts. And you aren't buying all the hair product I mentioned earlier (and the dry shampoo is only $4-6, and lasts a loooong time.)

So yeah. If you are feeling brave, take the plunge.

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Lisa said...

Bravo to you for making more of an effort. There a definitely days, like today, where I can only manage to put on my leggings and a chunky scarf! Will have to try those 'pretty vitamins.' They sound amazing! xx