Monday, February 20, 2012

3rd times the charm

i had 2 posts i didn't post last week. one was a sentence long. the other was 6 paragraphs.
it was that kind of week. not that kind of week...
but at one point i cried when a friend offered to buy me a sandwich for lunch. what? yes. I was so moved by her kindness, i cried. in Jersey Mike's.
a dear friend suggested i take the weekend off. just kinda check out a bit.
so i did. and the results were magical.

amelies with a sweet friend- early bedtime on friday- slept in on saturday- pancakes and rocky balboa saturday morning- mid afternoon PBR with Michael and Charlie- catching up on shows i missed last week- date night with Ryan Gosling (ie: watched Drive)- cuddle party with Abi at church (she skipped class so we played unicorn games on my phone)- soup and biscuits for lunch while listening to bon iver- fell asleep for 4 hours (whoops)- downton abbey night with 3 sassy ladies (this included cheese and crackers, bagel bites, good cheap wine and Makers Mark with gingerale)

it was a good weekend.
my new unicorn mug and rocky

my pal abi

little somethin' somethin'

Downton with Lissie, Misty and Ashley

this was moments before i threw glorymagicface at the tv in a fit of rage

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BuenoBueno said...

Kendra- THANK YOU for your answers! I promise to have more Hair posts on the blog! and we have some great home tours coming up! I love that blogs make people friends:)