Thursday, February 2, 2012


i like to throw in some extra "r"s into February. it feels right.

today is thursday. do you know what the best part of thursday is? when my alarm goes off on thursday morning, i think "one more sleep, and then i can sleep late." how's that for a pep talk?

this week is the superbowl. i actually don't care very much. i miss my team. but 3 of the commercials that they have previewed look totally worth it.

since i started taking the hair, skin and nails vitamins, i have had to get my bangs trimmed twice. and i've only had them for a month. so yea, i guess they work.

i got this video yesterday. my heart melted into a puddle on the floor. and then it re-formed and then exploded.

for valentines day last year, i made a wishlist on modcloth and had a friend pick out an item, use my card and order it. so i bought my own gift, but it ended up being a surprise. i think i will do it again, but address it from "ryan gosling".

i found this site:  pretty much it's just the screen shots of the girls faces after they are told they are being sent home. some of them are really funny. the "bonus" pictures are always the best. like this one of the girl we all love to hate, Courtney EPISODE 4 BUG EYE BONUS

hey, look at this guy

there is a song that they play at work in our cafe, but that i can hear in my work area, that has a very very very loud saxaphone. it sounds like kenny g is trying to jam out like jimmy page. but louder. and more ear-bleedier. it comes on every hour and a half. and it tends to be the worst 3 minutes x6 of my day.

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