Monday, March 19, 2012

the boss

tonight is the night.

trust story... we (Ashley and I) didn't get tickets. like, at all. we tried, and it didn't work out. so we forgot about the show. i'd get sad whenever there was an update on twitter (his twitter posts set lists and pictures from each show) but no big deal.

then, a co-worker gave us tickets. on friday. for the show today!
so exciting! we are leaving work early, driving to greensboro and rocking out, then driving back and crawling into work the tomorrow morning with ringing ears and little sleep. but it will be totally worth it.

i'll be spending all day listening to the new album so i can pretend to know the new songs. and i saw that they have been playing my favorite song (Thunder Road) every night, so i'll be set.

i took a picture of this shirt and text it to Ashley saying i was buying it for the show. she replied with just "no". but how hilarious would it have been?

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