Monday, March 5, 2012


master cleanse.
it's enough to strike fear into any red blooded American.
have you heard of it?
its sounds horrible. like, only crazy people do this.
basically, you only drink a concoction of fresh squeezed lemon juice (1 lemon per serving), a couple of spoonfuls of maple syrup and a pinch of Cayenne pepper, and water. they call it lemonade. it sounds nothing like lemonade to me.
i have a few friend who have done the MC. i watched them go through the phases... (oh. did i mention that you do that for 10 days? No food. Just the lemonade. At least 4 servings a day. But up to 12)
i had no interest in this at all. it looked dumb.
then, i felt like i needed to. i felt the Lord calling me to fast in some way, not just the not eating for a day, not just the "only juice" for a few days. All 10 days. Just "lemonade". Not a bite of food.

i wasn't going to post anything until i was totally done. Also, i normally don't say anything when i fast. But since this was also a cleanse, i thought it would be good to share about it. so i am pre-writing it. I will post it day 10.

day 1 (Saturday) was fine. I was kinda hungry. but not too bad. the lemonade wasn't that good. the aftertaste wasn't my favorite. and i took Cayenne pepper pills instead of putting it into the drink. Makes it a lot easier. i was kinda tired so i laid low all day.
day 2 (Sunday) was harder. i woke up with a headache. i got up, had my first lemonade and wanted to gag. it tasted horrible. i didn't want it. but i took my time sipping it. I had decided i would have 6 lemonades a day. by noon i hadn't finished my first one. i felt really weak. i stayed in bed all day. i only got up to make more lemonade or to go to the bathroom (that happens. a lot). i slept a lot. by 6pm i hadn't finished my 3rd lemonade yet. i started gagging with each sip. I finally forced a 4th one down, then had a laxative tea (that is fun.) i threw it up 30 minutes later. I decided that if the next day wasn't even a little better, i would quit. I really didn't want to quit.

day 3 (Monday) i woke up feeling ok, but called out of work just in case it got bad. i slept in, then started my lemonades. they didn't taste as bad. still gross aftertaste from the syrup, but no more gagging. I was a good girl and drank them all on schedule (every 2 hours starting at 9). I only had 5 instead of 6, but per Ashley's suggestion (she just finished it 2
 days before i started) i got some limes to use from time to time. I felt tons better. no more headache!

day 4 (Tuesday) woke up feeling great! went into work, made enough for the whole day. I went ahead and pre-squeezed all the lemons and 1 lime, put in the syrup and then would scoop out how much i needed for each serving. and the funny thing was, it didn't taste bad anymore. It tasted like regular lemonade. I kinda liked it.

day 5-7 all looked the same. everything was great. I had hungry moments, but i would drink more. At this point, i noticed the changes. I felt really really good. I was sleeping like a baby! I woke up refreshed and ready to go. No yawning all morning long. and my skin started to get really clear and kinda...glow. I started craving some food, but I was too far in now to turn back. At this point, you are so into it, so excited and proud of yourself, you just want to finish!

day 8 & 9 i was excited that i made it this far. one moment i would want it to fast forward and be over (mainly if i saw someone eating) but other times i thought "i could do this for another week". during hungry moments I planned out everything out, found recipes, and planned my first meal out. This sounds like it is torture, but it isn't. It give you odd hope. It give you that last boost you need. I also almost cheated last night and snuck a chocolate chip. i don't know why. i wasn't craving it, but i saw a bag of them and thought "just one..". but i didn't guys. I DID NOT DO IT.

now we arrive at today, DAY 10!!!!!! Woo-hoo! I feel awesome! It's going to be weird not to prep my lemons/syrup tomorrow morning. I bought groceries for what i am making next week. It doesn't feel like it's going to be over yet because....

day 11 i will only be drinking orange juice. it's different, which is awesome. but i want something savory and i want a big salad and i want birthday cake.
this is called the ease-out. it's really important. obviously if i just ran out and had a burger, my stomach would freak out from the confusion of not having any food for 10 days. So technically its more like 12 days until i eat. It sounds huge, but it isn't. I am good with it
I've decided my first food is going to be a salad from Earthfare. I am going to make it. I have the entire thing pictured in my head. and it is lovely.

I am going to allow some splurges this weekend, but then it will be back to business. Lots of greens and fruit and protein and the occasional carb. We will see how long it lasts. :)

oh, and I will make that birthday cake that I am carving once Lent is over to share with my other fasting friends. Yellow cake, chocolate icing...maybe some sprinkles

overall: the fast was a LOT easier than i expected. There are rough moments, but totally worth it! I lost some weight. I don't know how much, because i wanted to make sure that wasn't my focus during this time. But judging by the way my clothes are fitting and the way i look, it was at least 10lbs. Some of that will come back. But probably not too much if i play my cards right.

there you go. if you have any question, are considering doing it or anything else... let me know!

DAY 10!
(excuse my squirrel-like facial expression)

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Bethany said...

I am so proud of you!!! Thanks for sharing, that is very inspiring!