Tuesday, March 20, 2012

these past few days

...my favorite blogger emailed me and suggested that if she visit town "we get coffee"

...i snuggled this guy

...i used a giftcard and got a new shirt that is dreamy and unexpected

...i saw the Boss and started (well... continued) crushing on him, though he is 60

...texting with some of my favorite out of town friends

...today is Mr. Rogers birthday. this is the sweetest.

...celebrated the first day of spring by eating outside with 2 of my favorite work buddies, and had an impromptu photo shoot under the willow tree. then saw david's car had been moved by our other friends. there was a lot of laughing. and wendy's now has the squeeze and dip ketchup, which is the best.
David (right) said this one should be called "Sierra" since that was the filter i used when i Instagram'd it)

Dan deep in thought

Dave deep in though


senior portraits


AaReAn said...
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AaReAn said...

oh I love the last photo...most definitely! :-)

After I read your gift card line it reminded me I have a gift card to Forever 21 I haven't used...and it got me kinda excited! How did I forget about that I have no idea?! lol

Anyways love the title of your blog--glad I stumbled upon it.


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