Tuesday, March 20, 2012

you ain't a beauty

my favorite Springsteen song is Thunder Road. In it he says the line "you ain't a beauty, but hey, you're alright".
from anyone else it would be an insult. But he makes it work

last night at the beginning of the show Bruce was introduced. We were also told that we would hear old favorites, and a long list of songs were named. Guess what song wasn't on the list...

the whole show i  held my breath. I knew Thunder Road wasn't an encore song. I knew it also wasn't being played every night.

but then, I heard the harmonica and almost cried (what? yes.). Sang every word as loud as I could. Dang that's a good song.

 here is
  the thing. I went to the show excited that I was going to see a living legend. I knew lots of songs. It was going to be fun. but i wasn't freaking out.
Then during the show, I realized i was so excited. It was one of the best shows I have
 ever been to.
Bruce is 61 years old. He still did the knee slide across the stage. He still danced. He still ran around. Guys... he crowd surfed. Not just a little crowd surf... like, from the middle of the arena back to the stage. He flirted with his wife. It was awesome.

anyway, here is a video from Born to Run. In the middle of the song they turned on the house lights os he could see us. It was pretty awesome.
the entire show was amazing. Bruce was gracious, funny, and humble. He constan
 tly gave props to the entire band (and they are totally worth it. Probably one of the only bands where I am fans of almost all of the members on their own)

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