Tuesday, April 24, 2012


i wish i could do giveaways. for all 3 of you that read. your chances to win would be incredible.
i once joked with a friend that i would do a giveaway...and it would end up being something in my pantry. you won a can of vegetable stock!

BUT, there is something i can do! I will (on a somewhat regular basis) post links to other blogs that i know of that are having giveaways! So all you have to do is come here, click a link and try to win!
Now, this is going to hinder my chances of winning, but i am sure we can work out a nice little deal if you do win something...right? RIGHT????

right now i am aware of these giveaways:

shoes from smile and wave

vintage bag, necklace and gift card over at Beautiful Mess  (closes 4/26)

petunia diaper bag from bleubird

thats it right now. hurry up and enter. I don't know how long the bleubird one is open...

good luck!


Anonymous said...


I saw this on pinterest, and you were the first person I thought of!

Rebecca Jane said...

I would totally love it if you did a giveaway! I've entered SO many of them over the years (even for stuff I don't like, magazines I already have, maternity stuff, kids clothes, etc.), and I've had no luck. It's pathetic. Please do a vegetable stock giveaway! :)