Friday, April 20, 2012

i got 99 problems

i won't finish Jay-Z's thought.
that song was in my head all week. It has nothing to do with anything. It was just in my head.
it's been a crazy 2 weeks.
first off... my favorite west coast rapper came back to life.

tupac hologram at coachella
 i wish. well, that is a whole 'nother post. maybe one day i will tell you all of my theory on East Coast/ West coast gangster rap, my love of West Coast rap, and specifically my thoughts on Tupac (he is my santa claus guys.) To sum it up, I believe Tupac is alive.

but for real, this made my day. I watched the holgram Tupac performance like 10 times. if you don't know what i am talking about, google "tupac hologram"

anyway, i ended last week with being pretend mom to the 3 lechner girls. it was a blast! they were nuts and crazy and fun.

abi snuck into bed with me the first morning

discovery place
jelyl fish
big girls on bikes

sweet/crazy mermaids
I just realized you can't see their faces in any of these pictures. hah. not intentional. i am not one of those crazy privacy people.

On Saturday I went to a co-workers wedding... sweet Heather. Her husband is in a local  band here that has gotten kind of big in the indy chrisitan music scene. So lots of band people there.

Heather and Josiah
"sorry, i gotta take this"
Her wedding decor was very eclectic. Lots of thrift finds. Our table had a phone. I got lots of important calls when i didn't want to talk to the co-workers at my table.

Sunday i planned on doing nothing, then my friend Sarah called, let me know she was down the street, and we ended up driving through my neighborhood with her boys, looking for potential places they could move into. Being neighbors would be the best ever.
Caspian and Leif winking at me
What else... oh! On Monday I was asked if I wanted to help out in our cafe at work from time to time. Our lovely barista is usually alone in there and it gets crazy. So she is teaching me how to make different drinks. It has been a secret wish of mine to know how to make lattes. I am pretty boss at it. Except i'm always burning my fingers. like whoa.
me panicking trying to make Ashley's drink as she took a picture of me making her drink

my perfect 23 second shots

not from burning my fingers making espresso, but still real. my unicorn band-aids claim to be make with real unicorn tears for extra healing power.

today i had to send an email to my department about something and for some reason felt led to include this picture

so of course i want to watch it now. right now. so bad. i can't. so i am mentally playing out the movie in my head. not working. so i will watch this over and over because it is my favorite scene.

true story, i used to have a huge crush on Jason Schwartzman
He is an actor and musician. I love his band and all his movies. but that isn't why i had a crush on him.
I had a crush on him because his mother is Talia Shire. Do you know who Talia Shire is?

that's right. Adrian Balboa. So, i thought "if i could somehow marry Jason, I'd be Talia's daughter-in-law. I could forever pretend i was Adrian Balboa's daughter-in-law. Thus, I could also pretend to be Rocky Balboa's daughter-in-law. WHAT?

guys. SERIOUSLY. dream come true.
Sly, Talia and Sly's real life wife (whatever... who care. Talia is forever his wife in my mind)

the sad thing about that i was very much an adult when i had this thought. like, just a few years ago.
And i still think about it. I wouldn't even take his legal last name. No Kendra Schwartzman. I would insist on it being Shire. Or Balboa. HOLY CRAP WHAT IF MY LAST NAME WAS BALBOA!!!!
ok. i'm done. sorry. i had no intention for this to be a rocky post. it just happens some times.
But i'm done. i promise.

just kidding. one more.

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