Tuesday, April 10, 2012

long walks on the beach

recently a friend asked me if i had ever considered signing up for an online dating site.
to be honest, i haven't. not that i am against them in any way. they are awesome. just right now, i don't feel that is what i need to be doing. the Lord made that clear.

but then i started thinking about it more, and realized there is another answer:
my profile would be absurd. like, so pathetic.

if i were really REALLY honest on it (and i wouldn't be), this would be my answer to the typical question "what are your interests/hobbies":
sleeping in
wearing pj's all day long
not washing my hair
listening to the same song over and over as i sing it loudly (and badly)
lurking around the baby clothes section of Target
movies about organized crime set in Boston
not cleaning
checking the length of my hair every few hours to see if it looks longer
owning more records than you
imagining that i am a guest on a talk show when i am alone in the car (mainly Conan or either of the Jimmys)
painting my nails
chipping off the paint i just put on my nails
making sure i have more followers on instagram/pinterest than i have people i am following
making pancakes
eating those pancakes
looking at pictures of friend's babies
showing you pictures of friend's babies
arguing about the music i like
judging you for the music you like
keeping my laptop in bed with me
imagining i am in a movie
drinking beer with breakfast on special occasions (saturday)
still wearing pj's
mascara, multi-colored office supplies (post-it's, sharpies, paperclips)
eating black olives straight from a can
reading InStyle magazine
imagining how i would answer the questions on the last page of InStyle magazine
Law and Order
keeping a running tally of how many personal days i have left, debating if i can call in sick or not
napping on sunday
pretending i hate pink and sparkly things (but really liking them)
keeping birthday cards and crying when i re-read them
comparing all life situations to the show Friends.
yup. i'm a catch.

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Anonymous said...

You are! Don't let anybody tell you any different. God's timing is amazing, and He is at work...whether you can see it or not. 1 Corinthians 2:9