Wednesday, April 11, 2012

mini van

starting tonight i am watching my 3 favorite little crazies. i will be a single mom of 3. driving a mini van. baller.

also we are 90% sure we saw one of my favorite Carolina Panther's today...Jeremy Shockey! (PS- they are all "one of my favorites".)

lastly, here has been what my week has looked like

Saturday was sweet Phoenix's birthday party! here she is with her dad Eric. Phoenix is one huge answered prayer. we call her the promise baby

lil' Aiden. He turned a month old earlier this week. He is my favorite person

if you haven't seen these yet, maybe you should follow me on instagram (ksands). i request a picture to my friend Dan, and then he draws it. Today i asked for a snake that was sad he couldn't wear shoes

another baby! My awesome friends Ray and Krystal had their little Emma this morning.

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