Thursday, April 26, 2012

mrs gavin rossdale

my rdio playlist history (i'm done with spotify...) has been somewhat embarrassing these past 2 weeks. And the problem is, i am "followed" by some friends who's music taste i really respect and i desperately want to impress them. not happening.

I've been in a early-mid 90's alt rock kick. going back to the music of my middle school/early high school days.
i forgot how much i loved some of this music. Music changed SO much then. Grunge totally changed the face of rock. Grown-ups didn't get it. Honestly, i didn't either, but I loved it. Kurt Cobain scared the crap out of me, but i loved him. He was the first young celebrity that I knew of  that died. It was a lot of my pre-teen, early teen mind to take. But I loved him.
Listening to all this music is bringing back memories of wearing combat boots, overalls with boxer shorts (i don't know why girls wore boxers. we still had underwear on underneath) tiny backpacks, everyone wearing CKOne (if you couldn't afford it, you'd get the $1 version at the drug store) scrunchies on our wrist, even if you weren't going to wear your hair up, flannel shirts (over your overalls, like a weird jacket), cassingles of your favorite song...
man, the early 90's were awesome.

so this week, here is who i've been getting nostalgic with

first off, and most importantly, Bush. This is still one of my favorite songs. It still gives me butterflies (i don't know why. That is a lie. I do. I love Gavin Rossdale. I wanted to marry him. He's write songs about me. Their songs aren't really that...poetic. But i didn't care. I LOVED them. I LOVED him. I hated Gwen Stafani when they started dating, even though I loved her band. To this day, I still think he is gorgeous I'd still marry him. I don't care what you say.) I had a picture of him hidden in my room so mom wouldn't find it, along with a copy of Sixteen Stone.
moving on
Nirvana, , No Doubt (darn you GWEN! You were so awesome, but married my man!), 2pac, TLC, Gin Blossoms, Boyz II Men, Ace of Base

so, enjoy those tunes. if you weren't old enough to enjoy those jamz when they first came out, well, enjoy now.
Maybe I'll do a mid-late 90's post (hello Alanis Morissette! And Foo Fighters) soon. Yes. I think i shall.

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