Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sleeping alone

*i totally posted the wrong link. same blog. how did i find out? when lore herself emailed me. mortified! click the link now

people often try to comformt me in my singleness, which is incredibly sweet and encouraging. they tell me stories of similar scenarios, hoping those will bring encouragement. sometimes they do. sometimes they really don't.
they sometimes try to assume how i am feeling, or what the Lord is doing. Sometimes they rebuke me out of the blue, in a moment when i am most content and joyful in the Lord, just because they assume I am not content. They tell me "your turn is coming soon"when they really have no idea if that is true or not.

sometimes, all I need is "this sucks. But God is good". sometimes, i need people to stop seeing my marital status as what defines me. it isn't.

A few weeks ago a co-worker read this and was reminded of a conversation he and I had. he was married young. he isn't the guy that you would excpect to "get it". but he totally did.
He sent me this blog post, and it best explained how I feel on almost a daily basis. it's not a lack of contentment. It's more than that.

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Lore Ferguson said...

Ha! Oh dear. Don't be mortified. Seriously =) We webmasters can catch these errors more easily since it comes through on our traffic. Seriously =) It's okay! Thanks again for the link! Means a lot =)