Tuesday, May 8, 2012


when i was planning my 16th birthday party, i invited a girl i didn't know very well. at the time, i probably couldn't tell you why. now i know why.
she was younger than me. adorable. super sweet. pretty shy.
she gave me a card that night. it was a note card. on the front was a picture of an angel (looked like something you would see made out of wood in some one's country kitchen). on the inside of the blank note card she wrote:

I hope your birthday is great.
-Anne Connolly

She became my best friend.
we had many adventures that got us there
New friends, comfortable friends, best friends, naughty friends, broken up friends, distant friends, not quite as distant friends, re-acquainted friends, adjusting friends, and then today...
today she is once again one of my best friends.

Anne and I had big plans. Huge plans. We were going to get married around the same time. Be pregnant around the same time (her with twin boys. Me with my first boy)
We were going to be neighbors and our kids play in the back yard.
At one point in our plan, before all the weddings and babies, i was going to move away for a while.
The boys in the pictures changed a bit. I think at one point i imagined us in Hawaii together. California was in the plan too.

The Lord changed our plans a lot. A lot-a lot.
our lives don't look the way we expected. We didn't get to walk through things in unison. But we did get to walk through them together.

Anne married the boy who had loved her since he was 16.
Anne had a girl first. A beautiful, hilarious, sweet girl.
Anne had a boy next. a perfect, chubby, precious boy.
Anne and David have walked through trials with Kate's health
Things haven't been as pretty as we had both hoped. They have been better though. So much better.

The days of dreaming of our neighboring houses in Hawaii are a distant foggy memory.
Today is more lovely and vivid.

true story about Anne. I told her when i was ready for her to be pregnant again (because it was totally up to me...)
I told her i wanted her to give me a nephew for my birthday. First off, this was March. My birthday was September. Second... all of our friends were having girls. all of them.
a multiple weeks later she called me. It was later at night than her usual calls. I answered, and Anne was singing "happy birthday". I was confused. She isn't stupid. She knew it wasn't.... HOLY CRAP she was pregnant again. I screamed. "aren't i a good friend?" she said.
a few months later she went in for her ultra sound.
She called me later that morning "i want you to always remember what a good friend i was to you. You asked for a nephew for your birthday. I am giving you one"... well, my birthday plus a few months. But Sam Malament was the best belated birthday present any friend had ever given me.

I love you Anne Malament. More than you'll ever know.
Happy birthday.
I am so glad you were born!

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Ethaney said...

almost cried reading this. beautiful!