Thursday, May 24, 2012

fun weekend/mean week

i miss my friends.
i went to md/dc/va this weekend to visit some friends that i rarely see. seriously, i hadn't seen a few of them in a couple of years. PTL for social networking and text messages!
we had a blast. i mean, so much fun...i really love these people
the initial purpose of the trip was to see my sweet friend Aly who was visiting for the distant, mysterious land of Canada. But i squeezed in as much time with everyone else as possible (that mainly involved me lounging on a couch or chair holding Seth and Janet's baby Edith, or eating food with people.)
first night was dinner with the Remsnyders, Matt and 2/3 of the Kless family; Becca & Behr. The Kless family was so sweet to open their home to me, though i barely saw them!
here are pictures!
i taught Audrey to wink

photo by seth
i got to be part of the boys club and smoke with matt and seth

Sunday night i had dinner with one of my favorite people on earth, Jenny James, and her husband Ryan
words cannot express how much i love jenny james.
jenny and ryan and their phones

matt loves math

ryan and matt playing Kinnect

 Monday was the main event! Aly day! We went out to Founding Farmers for one of the best breakfast adventures of our lives! (PS- i hate driving in DC. so very much)

my favorite Canadian, Aly! Breakfast adventure at Founding Farmers

Aly and Kyle brought me back a present from NYC

Edith peepin'
 I spent about 80% of the weekend at the Remsnyders. It's one of my favorite places to be. There are no pictures of Seth, and only one very special one of Janet... but time with them was the most fun. if they aren't careful, i might move in and demand they bring me gin and tonics and entertain me.
Janet is a special friend.
 Seth Remsnyder is an awesome artist! He made one of his plaid paintings for me, called "unicorn plaid". I finally got to pick it up. And i love it so much. so so so much.
bringing home my unicorn plaid by seth!

Monday night Seth and Jan had CG, so i got to be 1/4 of the babysitters club, along with Aly, Kyle and Matt
bonding with edith
babysitters club

Driving home was bittersweet.
getting home kinda sucked. I woke up this morning to this 

and also my car wouldn't shift out of park.  What the what?
i looked online, and found a very ghetto, very MacGyver solution to that problem. I have to deal with the tire now. I hate this stuff. I really do. I just kind of lost it, crying session in the bathroom at work. (there are many perks to having a co-worker for a roommate! One is getting rides when the S this the fan!)
after a sweet text from Jenny, i told her what happened, confessed that i was anxious and not trusting the Lord. At 7:30am, everything is 100 times worse. Everything is a crisis! She encouraged me and minutes later i got this text


if that doesn't make your heart swell to the size of a watermelon, i don't know what will. Edson is the best part of the picture. Just chillin' with his bowl. Doin' what he do.

I also got 2 offers to borrow cars until this is all fixed. How sweet is the Lord? How sweet that he stirs hearts of friends and family to jump in and help out! I am so blessed by the people in my life.

it's amazing how one little hiccup and overshadow every sweet and good thing that just happened. It's sad how a flat tire and stubborn gear can wipe away your memory of God's provision in the past. it's crazy how fear of financial issues can make you forget God's faithfulness.
"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you" Isaiah 26

PS- this has nothing to do with anything, just my new favorite gif of woody allen from annie hall

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