Wednesday, May 9, 2012


as a single woman, i don't really struggle with Valentines Day.
a little, but just day of, during the hype. not overall

But Mother's Day, that's a different story.

I long to be a momma. So much.
It's the idea of never having kids that breaks my heart more than anything. That is what I mainly have to bring before the Lord on a far-too-regular basis.

joanna and toby

Right now, I have all of my friends kids to help fill that void.
They are hilarious and sweet and crazy and fun.
They call me Aunt Kenni, and get mad at me on Sunday's when they are cranky and I demand hugs
They give me sloppy kisses, color pictures that are all over my cubicle wall at work
They punch me in the boob when I am staying overnight and trying to give them cough medicine at 11pm
They invite me to their birthday parties
bob, sara and jakob dylan

They throw tantrums for me, try to tell me they ARE allowed to drink my coffee at church and run away from me when i try to take them to Sunday school
They spit up all over me, including in my hair.
They cry for 2 hours straight when I am their first babysitter ever

They think I am actually family
I am overwhelmed by the joy of having these crazies in my life

i look forward to celebrating mother's day at some point.
until then, i'll happily play aunt to these nuggets.

shirley mcclaine


Charlotte Sandifer said...

if you want to be a mother.. try to adopt! that's my plan in a few years. worked out pretty well for mary d. :)

days of dee tresna said...

i think we are in the same boat here, don't care valentine stuff and yet mellow-ly looking at those mothers with kids

maybe, i can not be a mother yet, because GOD think i am not ready to have family yet... i don't know when i will be ready