Tuesday, May 29, 2012

is it summer yet?

When is it officially summer?
because I am pretty sure that Saturday's 90 degrees means it is summer.
My legs sticking to the leather seats of the red VW beetle convertible i've been driving around.

Oh that? yea. the car i am borrowing is pretty awesome and adorable. I normally fight convertibles. I think that I hate them, but then after like 30 minutes I give in and put the top down.
After this weekend, my arms and shoulders are already much darker. But my legs are still ghastly white. It's almost offensive how white they are.

Since it's pretend summer time (seriously...when does summer start???) i thought i'd post some amazing summery songs for you to enjoy. and you must listen to them. Don't just hit the "next" button on your bloglovin' now. Listen to these songs.  2 newer songs and 2 older songs.Pretend you are at the pool as you listen. Maybe with a can of whatever you like to drink from a can.

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