Friday, May 4, 2012

may the 4th be with you

tonight i am going to have a slurpee.
they are finally opening 7eleven's in charlotte. that means slurpees.

when i was a kid in San Diego, we'd rollerblade to 7 eleven, get slurpees (they's let us in on our skates. it was awesome) and then skate to the new highschool that was being built and play there. if you've never seen one, southern CA schools don't have hallways. you open your classroom door, your outside. So the "hallways" and lockers are all outdoors. Makes for pretty awesome skating. And I was pretty boss on those skates. While sippin' my slurpee. Life was good.

Do you watch arrested development? i try to go back and re-watch all 3 seasons from time to time, though in my opinion, season 2 is the best. It has all of my favorite clips.

anyway, here are a few favorite's i've been re-watching or quoting non-stop

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Rebecca Jane said...

7ELEVENS IN CHARLOTTE?!?! Oh man. I used to only be able to get slurpees in NY! This is incredible news.