Friday, June 22, 2012

luv is a verb

my family is in Mexico this week to serve at Rancho 3M.
they asked me to stay at the house with their crazy dog, George.
i haven't slept in that house since... 2004?
we moved there in 1993. so it's home.
but being there has transported me back to the 90s.
i've been posting pictures on instagram (ksands) of little details that are making me nostalgic.
it's been fun

mom and step-dad's wedding day. our first family photo
me kickin' it with mom's bike
view from the front door. i miss that view
our first house project. handprints in the hallway.

but suddenly I am in highschool again.
i woke up this morning, got ready in my old bathroom, listened to some of my favorite 90's music on the ride to work, got to work and passed a mirror. at that point i realized i had unknowingly reverted to my hairstyle of choice in my late teens. i hadn't done my hair like this in probably 10-13 years.
guys...17 year old Kendra has possessed my body. be scared. i don't know what will be next. i might find my overalls. and Adidas sandals. i might start wearing shimmery-frosty-blue eyeshadow, wear cucumber-melon body spray and over tweeze my eyebrows. i suddenly want to watch Friends.

my hair isn't really green like that. or yellow on top. just weird lighting. i swear. for serious.
though i have no excuse or explanation for my face in this.

Anyway, as a result of being 17 again, i am listening to a lot of DC Talk today.
here is a personal favorite for your listening enjoyment (Kevin had the same haircut as my 7th grade Science teacher, Ms. Johnson)

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Bethany Clark said...

awww... I have many wonderful memories of sleepovers with you at that house... and 17 year old Kendra is the Kendra that I first met at Celebration in Lynchburg :)