Thursday, July 5, 2012

2nd monday

i know everyone is already whining about it, but having yesterday off has confused the crap out of me.
Tuesday felt like a Friday, which was AWESOME. But today feels like Monday. the 2nd one this week. That seems just mean. At least tomorrow is real Friday. But right now, all i can focus on is how confusing Monday/Thursday is. I have no idea what the crap is happening. I have been worthless at work.
don't get me wrong... i XOXO to the max 4th of July. It's my favorite day of the year. Mainly because of the fireworks. and last night's fireworks were totally worth it

QUESTION: why can't we have fireworks at least once a month? I don't understand this. They are magical and pretty and bring everyone together. I need to move to Disneyland where they happen DAILY.

SIDE NOTE: guys...what if i lived in Disneyland. For real, picture it. I'd totally live in Sleeping Beauty's castle. But secretly. Like Natalie Portman in that movie where she lived in Walmart. I'd live there, and then ride on Pirates of the Caribbean all night. Not the whole ride though. Just the lagoon part. Because it's romantic. I'd invite him to join me. Or him. Or maybe him. Then we would have a late dinner of churros and hot dogs on the Peter Pan ride at the part where you fly over London. Also romantic. Guys...I'm totally moving into DisneyLand. THIS COULD WORK.

Anyway, my future best friend, Beyonce, is helping me get through Monday/Thursday. I am not even mildly ashamed of how much I love her. Not just her music, but her perfect cinnamon colored face, her glorious hair, and her cherub baby and bad-a$$ husband. I just love Bey. That is what I will call her when we are BFFs. Me and Bey, sipping expensive champs on Jay's boat. Blue Ivy will call me Auntie Ki-ki (she will have trouble with "kenni") and they will de-throne Oprah as her god-mother, and I will wear that crown. Jay-Z will encourage her to buy me gifts since I am such a wonderful friend to them. He will write a song about me that will top the charts. It's going to be amazing.

she is perfection.


Becca said...

I look forward to you and Bey's LYMI tattoos.

morganvsmorgan said...

Haha I love Beyonce too, I can totally understand all of those ambitions...