Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3 things

3, totally unrelated things

1) today i've been listening to classical music all morning. my mom used to play it all the time when i was younger, and i didn't listen to it at all in my 20s... i think as a rebellion from hearing it so much prior. but today, it makes my heart happy

2) there is a fire station at the end of my street. sometimes they are called out late at night, and drive by our house. normally, they wait to turn on the sirens when they reach the stop sign and pull out on the main road (which is only 3 houses down from us...) but on a rare occasion they come flying down the street with the sirens wailing. at 3am. i used to get really annoyed. i would sit up in a huff, thinking "that is SO rude. one morning i am going to go down there and complain..." FOR WHAT? That they are racing to SAVE SOME ONE'S LIFE!??!!? And as a result, i might miss out on 5 minutes of SLEEP?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? I then realize i am a horrible person and go back to bed.

3) last night i was in my car, on the way to a friends house, and one of my favorite Ryan Adams songs came on. I had my windows up, and sang along. But not just a little. I sang along all of the way. Like, I was picturing myself sitting on a stool at the Visulite Theater, sitting next to Ryan. Here is the thing...Ryan doesn't come to Charlotte. Ever. But I have a scenario totally worked out in my head (i think about this often. Far more than i would like to admit) So what will happen is, I will befriend him (most likely he will come into my record store one day) we will get talking, i will give him a hard time about never playing in Charlotte, he will finally agree, but only for my friends. So i will invite all my friends to a private show, but his other condition is that i sing along with him. I will say no, because I can't sing. But he will continue to encourage me. So i'll do it. Well, after that one song, we have so much fun and it's such a hit, that he tells me to stay on the stage. And that is why i am sitting on a stool next to him.
Anyway, so there i was, stopped at the light on Park Rd and Fairview, singing along to our duet, putting my all into it (i mean, you guys were all at the show. I had to give you my everything). I am pretty sure i looked like this girl.
All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye i see movement. I ignore it, and keep dueting. The movement gets a little more intense. I finally look over and realize a co-worker, that i don't know that well is waving and signaling for me to roll down my window. I can't ignore this. I do it and she cheerfully says "Hey! I didn't know we where neighbors!" PTL she didn't mention my performance. But she saw it. All of it. The best of it. I guess I'll have to invite her to the show now.
(this is the song Ryan and I were singing)

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