Monday, July 2, 2012

HBD shay

yesterday was too crazy to post this. So we are a day late.

Shaynah wore sweatpants for most of Next one year, because she was my wing-man
She is pretty crazy for Christian Bale. And we are pretty sure it's not accidental that all of the Batman movies are released near her b-day
She introduced me to diet cherry limeades from sonic, and my life has never been the same
She will stand up to people when I am too chicken, and i'll just stand behind her and nod...or cry
(ex: our flight coming home from Boston when they said i might be bumped. She refused to board the plane when they told her to, and said "you are putting her on the flight. I'm not getting on if you don't. I'm not leaving her here!!!!")
She also will speak hilariously bluntly to strangers (ex: drunk girl passed out when her flight was boarding. Shay pushed her and say "Ay better get up. Now. Get up. WAKE UP!" while everyone around us laughed)
She once crip walked out of the Shea's house after care group
She refuses to allow me live in denial about Anderson Cooper. But that is to protect my heart.
She shared Justin Timberlake with me.
She insisted on wearing a specific lip-gloss on her wedding day, because Kristie gave it to her (meanwhile, Kristie stood behind her with a quivering lip)
She came to Vegas for my 30th birthday while in her first trimester of pregnancy, rallied the entire time, and bought my drinks since she couldn't enjoy them.
She once cried at Zada Janes while encouraging me. She cried first. It was a big moment. :)
She taught me the phrase "busted like a hot dog w/out mustard"
She introduced me to House Wives of NJ
She didn't make fun of me for liking the Jonas Brothers or Twilight when i confessed it to her. She then admitted she loved them also.
She saw Kelly Clarkson with me.
She saw Shooter Jennings with me, and was almost crushed by a drunk guy
She called me from a swim meet when she knew i was on a business trip and going to see a crush. She text me during the time i was with said crush to make sure i was ok.
She taught me everything i know about USA swimming
She made me a Carolina basketball fan
She makes me laugh to the point that i cry or pee my pants
She can turn any situation into a Friends reference
and she laughs at "you'r pesto is the best-o)
She married a guy that would become one of my other best friends
She is the mother of the most amazing baby in the world, who also happens to be the guy in my life

HAPPY 30th 28th Birthday SHAYNAH!
I am so grateful for you.

you're the Jay-Z to my Kanye, the Rachel to my Monica, the Oprah to my Gayle, the Ben Affleck to my Matt on and so on

I love you!

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Shaynah Jerrell said...

So I hardly ever log on to blogger any more...but Im glad I did today. Thanks!