Monday, July 30, 2012

his majesty at the olympics

one of my co-worker friends has been taking online classes at Liberty University.
she is working on a project about King David (she explained it to me, but i was not paying any attention), and needed to find some picture for her project of King David. She was looking through old paintings, even the sculpture of him.
I told her i had the perfect picture, and promptly emailed her this

yikes. am i right ladies? that man was made for suits. i have a feeling that you can put him in any suit, no matter how big or small, what fabric, color or matter if it's the ugliest suit in the world, and it will perfectly fit him and look amazing. geeeeeez. i watched that clip on repeat. he was all "oh hey guyz. Yea. I'm David Beckham. Yea, I am wearing the sh*t out of this suit. Yea, i'm not only on a boat, i am driving the hell out of it. yeah. there are fireworks going off behind me. Whatever. NBD."

anyway, i had a funny thought. what if you re-read the story of King David, and pictured it being David Beckham. That would be hilarious. but always in a suit. always.
Like, King David dancing in front of the Ark of the an armani suit...

know who else looks good in suit?

joseph gordon-levitt.

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