Monday, July 9, 2012


have you heard of John Mulaney? He is hilarious.
In his stand up, he has a joke about doing nothing.
He talks about how when people ask you what you did over the weekend, and you realize you didn't do anything, your face lights up, like it was the most glorious thing.
That is how i felt about yesterday.

On Saturday i went to a baby shower, and then a wedding. Both were lovely.
The baby shower was to celebrate Joe and Jeanie's 4th baby.
Now, i see the judgement in your eyes "who has a shower for their 4th kid! Geeeez! Greedy much??" and I would be right there with you. EXCEPT, this is their first boy. Everything baby related in their house looks like it was sprayed down with pepto bismal and unicorn saliva (it's purple and pink and glittery and smells like bubble gum). This poor kid wouldn't stand a chance. So we bombarded her with green and blue. Sweet Jeanie didn't know what to do with all that stuff. It was hilarious watching her face each time she opened another plaid shirt or blue onesie. She looked so confused and perplexed.

then it was wedding time. my fake little sister for the past all-of-the-years got married. It was a train station wedding (3rd one we've been to at this awesome place) and it was a blasty-blast.
I love this venue, because it reminds me of Shining Time Station. I half expect a mini-Ringo Starr to walk up to me each time I'm there.

it got cray later in the night when we all started dancing. The outside waiting-platform-concrete-thing is normally where the dancing/drinks/food is served. It's crazy pretty, but it was hot as everything ever out there. Honestly, imagine 30+ people in a small huddle, jumping and dancing around in 90 degree heat. I have never seen so much sweat in my life. We were disgusting. I was repulsed by us all. But it was crazy fun.

anyway, after all that, I had big plans to do nothing yesterday. AAANNND it was magical.
I got home, put on comfy clothes, climbed into bed and caught up on Housewives of NJ. Then I started watching the show Louie. Then I got up and hung out with the roomies for the first time in 2 weeks and we all watched a special on Tom and Katie. Then I went to Chipotle. Then I got back in bed and read and watched Arrested Development. Then I went to sleep.
It was one of the best days of my life. That's a lie. But it was amazing.
AND it was the first night i have slept in my bed in over 2 weeks. We had to spend a lot of quality time together, since we had been apart so long. that is my excuse for lying in my bed for 5 hours straight yesterday afternoon.

Here is John Mulaney talking about doing nothing

here is another one of his bits. I just love this guy. He and I share an obsession affection for Law and Order SVU


Anonymous said...

Where is the train station venue? In Charlotte? I am getting married and looking for venues, sounds neat!

kendra said...

It is actually in Salisbury NC, about 35 minutes north of Charlotte. Here is the info