Monday, July 2, 2012

too old for this shhhhh

have you ever been so tired you have an eye twitch?
i have one right now. it's driving me up the wall. each time it twitches, i want to crush something. my poor water bottle has been taking the punishment for my twitchy eye. sorry water bottle. it's not your fault.

this weekend was amazing. busy as crap, but amazing.
first off, this is Josie and she is my friend for the week.

sweet girl. she looks like a stuffed animal

we're cruisin' for dudes

Saturday was a happy day. A few girls and i threw a birthday party for our lovely Kristie. Since Kristie gets super excited about little things, we didn't think she could handle the overload of knowing everything that was going to happen. So all she knew was when and where to show up. We took care of the rest.

it looked waaaay better once it got dark
We all pitched in to buy Kristie an iphone (giftcard). this picture was a little after we gave it to her. you can spot her sitting at the end of the table still grinning ear to ear
moments before we all jumped inot hte pool for the rest of the night

 here is where it gets crazy. After a late night of celebrating Kristie in 100 degree weather, we still had Shaynah's birthday the next day. Shaynah turned 30. There is no way I could let that slip by without us all getting together to celebrate her, no matter how exhausted we were from the night before. So a nice dinner at Pewter Rose was the perfect oppritunity to drink fancy wine, eat all of the food ever (that is what it felt like) and not move. That is exactly what we did. The not moving might have been my favorite part

Shaynah and her awkward Asian looking fri end

she looks lovely...but my word that cake was incredible. it's all i really see in this picture to be honest.
this might have been one of the most fun, happy, sweet weekend ever. I love these 2 so much, and I am so glad we all got together to celebrate them.
now i will go to sleep and dream of the food and the wine and the not moving.

honestly, 2 parties in one weekend? I'm too old for this...stuff

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