Friday, August 17, 2012

3 go to's

today i was reading about a fun movie club over on joanna's blog. she talked about a group of girls that have a movie club watching their dad's favorite movies.
i want to start watching/reading/listening to stuff i normally don't.
so i am going to ask around. please answer this question if you read here, even if they are typical answers
what are your 3 go-to
these are the ones that you have read/watched/listened to billions of times. but you are always up for doing it again.
these would be mine
  1. The Little Prince. i adore this book. it's such a sweet children's story. and my favorite quote comes from it. the fox tells the prince a secret which is "it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye"
  2. Persuasion. it's stupid how much i love this book. it's my favorite Jane Austin book. it's just excellent. for once she has a character that isn't whiny, but sweet and noble.
  3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. the final book is my favorite. but i loved this one so much. I read it the fastest. Like, i destroyed it.
1.Rocky. Doy. We've been over this. but i just love it so much. it' so good. always so good

2.Annie Hall. quite cliche, but i love it. the scene with the lobsters is my favorite moment

3. Sixteen Candles. to this day the last scene in that movie gives me butterflies "me?" "yea you!"

*honorable mention Center Stage. the acting is horrible. but it's awesome. so awesome.
    1. Heartbreaker by Ryan Adams. this was his first solo album. this was the album that made me fall in love with him forever

    2. Desire by Bob Dylan. I love so many of his albums, but this one is the best to have on at night while puttering around the house

    3. Best of Billie Holiday. You don't really get real albums for older artists like that. buy my best of is amazing. you can just listen to it on repeat for days. and pretend to slow dance with Jason Segel or Ryan Gosling or such while it's playing.
    now... you tell me yours


Leaning said...

1) The Collected Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Mostly when I need an analytic challenge or a quick read.
2) Pride & Prejudice. Witty and moving and full of Austen at her finest.
3) Prince Caspian. Because of the scene where Lucy has to follow Aslan regardless of what her brothers and sister think.
1) A League of Their Own. Buff said.
2) Sense & sensibility. See book #2 & add Alan Rickman
3) Galaxy Quest. Because I am a Trekkie and this movie is perfectly funny
1) "Parsley Sage Rosemary &Thyme" by Simon & Garfunkle. Specifically: For Emily Wherever I May Find Her
2) Ella Fitzgerald Live in Berlin. Because she forgets Mack the Knife and starts scatting in the middle. Awesome
3) soundtrack for The Mission (also:watch the movie). The song Gabriel's Oboe is tearfully beautiful.

Becca said...

Books: Knowledge of the Holy, Jo's Boys, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader--really there's lots but not as fun with a tired brain.
Movies: Stepmom (though I cry every time), Say Anything, and, true story, Erin Brokovich.
Music: mostly playlists I've never updated: any Indelible Grace album, and Newsboys Adoration.