Tuesday, August 14, 2012

august here and there

i've been looking forward to august since june. i knew i would be returning to Maryland, visiting with some of my favorite people. they hold a big chunk of my heart right now. it ended up with aly & kyle posting a countdown on instagram, different picture each day.
but some stuff happened before i went.

first off...i went to Fan Fest at BOA stadium. i got to watch my boys practice. just a note: practice isn't nearly as exciting as a game. but it was free, and we sat so close, we could hear their conversations. we could also hear all the crazy fans screaming to Cam as he ran around afterwords signing autographs.
that woman in the pink backpack yelled "YEA, YOU  BETTER COME OVER HERE AND SIGN THIS SINCE YOU ARE GOING TO BE MY HUSBAND ONE DAY. THAT'S RIGHT. I'M YOUR WIFE AND BABY MOMMA!". it was mildly awkward for everyone around her. She didn't sound very "haha, this is funny" about it. I was worried she might stab him with something hidden in the backpack.

then something very sad happened. Dawn moved out. She was moving while i was going to be gone, so we had a 5 minute farewell before I hit the road. this was the last time i saw her. EVER
then to Maryland...
matt seth and kyle
my flight was late. pretty dang late. so once Matt picked me up and got me to Seth and Janet's, i barely said hi, just made a beeline for the kitchen to enjoy a feast of frozen waffles, mini chimichangas and beer. after that i noticed a huge bunch of balloons that were waiting for me. Then i was introduced to the best thing ever... Small Town Security. Thank you Janet for introducing me.

the main event was on Thursday...Kristen and Caleb's wedding!

audrey practicing her flower girl duties

aly and i got a shout out in the program as "out of town guests"

my date, edith
audrey and janet

edith with hair
kyle and aly

edith makes a move when i try to kiss her cheek

kristen. no pics of caleb. but that is ok.
the next morning i had quick cuddles with Behr. I think he was happy wedding week was finally over.

Aly and i went down to Alexandria to visit the James family!
sweet clara

then off to the White's to set up for Matt's bday party. i don't want to brag, but Aly and I were kind of the heroes of the party.
matt's giant face watching me cook. and judging.
matt wearing a matt mask

edson and jo
the day i left we went out for a big Amish breakfast. it was so much food. all of the foods ever.
behr is the worst packing-helper ever.
seth and audrey
ky and behr and ace of base
leaving was crazy sad. kyle and aly took me to the airport, and all morning long we had all been talking about me "missing" my flight. i hate goodbyes
aly was actually quite thrilled i was leaving, as you can see here.

but i came home to this guy, after 2 weeks apart...and he makes everything better

now we are gearing up for baby Zeke Lechner to arrive!

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